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Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is a funny animal. Hard to define, even for the Ďexpertsí (see some KM definitions).

Here at emmersons we use it to mean understanding the external context of your business through research about your market or your competitors. We also include the knowledge which you, your staff and associates bring to the mix. This is harder to capture than specific information in the form of documents, but youíll know that feeling of what is lost when a good employee leaves.

Organisations which can assimilate and retain this knowledge can learn and a learning organisation is one which can adapt when the market does change. This means that your business can weather these economic changes and become more resilient.

Making it easier to gather and to share knowledge is key to this and thatís where we can help. Itís not just about obtaining the information from the vast pools of it outside your business, itís also about ensuring that you know why you want the information and how others in the organisation can access it and share what they know, quickly and easily.

Let us know what it is you need to know, so we can chat through how we can help.