Systems analysis

emmersons helps you understand what your information systems need to do to support your business goals.

Information systems are the ways you have of collecting, storing, sharing and archiving the information needed to run your organisation.

They can be electronic such as databases, intranets, wikis or email, and may be online, networked or dedicated to an in-house server. Information systems also include offline solutions such as filing cabinets, files, folders and other paper-based information storage.

Your information may also be structured - such as that found in a database or unstructured - a good example of which is email. All of these sources need managing to enable you to retrieve the appropriate information at the right time.

Unfortunately with the pressures of modern working and with several users on the same shared drive, information often gets duplicated and no-one knows which the latest version of a document is or where it's been stored. emmersons will help you restore order to your information storage and ensure that you have the right systems in place for your business.

Get in touch and let us know what problems you're having; we'll help you reorganise things in a way that suits you and the business. Won't that make for an easier day?