Skills auditing

We all have our own information style. In other words, how we find, use, manage and share information differs.

A skills audit enables you to:

    • understand who the information enablers and disablers in your team are

    • see where information may get lost or blocked

    • see where information flows freely and easily

    By understanding your own information style and those of your team mates, you can ensure that the information you need to know is getting to you and what to do about it if it isn't.

    You can also identify which job roles have what responsibilities for finding, sharing and managing information and ensure that the people in those positions have the skills they need to do their job most efficiently. This helps you identify training needs and personal development areas.

    Let emmersons map out the patchwork of information skills you currently have and help you plan a strategy for any threadbare areas!

    If the idea of a skills audit interests you, then also take a look at our Information Style workshop.