Knowledge audit

Do you get that sinking feeling when an employee tells you they're leaving, when you think of all the knowledge that will leave with them?

Do you feel that the knowledge that your team has is fragmented and not easily shared?

Do you know what collective knowledge is within your team or organisation?

emmersons helps you to build a knowledge base that your team can refer to in their day-to-day work.

This means that:

    • information is not duplicated

    • time is not wasted recreating knowledge that already exists

    • information is more easily shared between team members and across departments

    • colleagues can collaborate more effectively

    • your organisation becomes a learning organisation

    emmersons also helps you to capture knowledge which is in danger of being lost when staff leave; by developing a relevant exit interview. This also informs the application process for a replacement candidate, ensuring that the job role and person specification still fit your business goals.

    There are a number of different ways of building your knowledge base. You can use an intranet or wiki and we would be happy to advise on these. We are also pleased to introduce the OneIs online system specially developed for small businesses which helps you build a knowledge base quickly and easily. Hosted out 'in the cloud', this is configurable to your business without expensive development time and grows with the business.

    Give us a call to discuss what knowledge you wish to capture and find out how we can help!